Scrambled Eggs

“HaiSirVelcomtoDominozPeeja”. I have been hearing an aimless tired voice versing this phrase from the last 15 minutes, stretching through a lengthy stretch of Marathi mumbles echoing all around me, from a bright eyed sales girl who looked happy. I never wished to sit at this overcrowded joint aiming to bleed me dry with its capitalist retail oomph. I came here because its been a long time and I had just received some money which I owe to the guys I came with.

Plastic fantastic.

Its taking too long. I reckon there’s a delay in the procurement of some exotic mexican herbs fom the Vikhroli sunday bhaaji market.

There’s a biriyani joint at Tagore Nagar near my place where HatimAli makes the best biriyani I have ever had. I’m going to that place now.


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