The airhostesses are busy in their usual mechanical pace. They, however display a more polished demeanour and attire than their Dibrugarh-Kolkata counterparts. The latter which had been poorly equipped. The food is better too.

The couple beside me are watching Jolly LLB 2. To watch movies that bring fervent emotions of positivity seems to be maddeningly refreshing. It must feel like jumping into a pool of cool water after being in a damp cot for ages. They have smiles and glittering eyes. 

Mumbai will hit me like a storm. But I am awaiting everything that awaits me. I hope the work goes through. One roommate called me. They seem to have ordered food for me. 

I love the people I have left behind. I will remember their eyes every single day. They are everything to me. My woman is someone from heaven, and so is my mother. Everything I recall fills my neck with a glut and forces my eyes to become moist. Every tear is a relief. 

Unnecessary thoughts of what tomorrow and the near distant future beholds is my greatest folly. I get sucked in the vortex of imaginations where everything happens for the worse. I think this is my way to gauge the future with the objective of preparing for something that is beyond my comprehension. Instead I only end up hallucinating. Also loving and smiling at the present seems to do the trick. 

After having my in-flight dinner, I closed my eyes trying to sleep. I was awakened to be served a nice cup of tea. Suddenly, I realised that recollecting every bit of memory in the last 12 days would do immense good to my sombre soul.

It started off with the early rising on the 29th of Jan after a night of partying with my Mumbai colleagues. I sneaked out of the flat realising that my soft calls of goodbye couldn’t wake up anybody from their Sunday slumbers.

The UBER booked smelled of cigarettes. I abstained to ask the driver for a smoke as we made way for the airport. Those days filled me with ebullience, when home was where I was heading for.

Entering the airport, I saw a passenger quarreling with a flight attendant in the utmost belligerance. Myself and some fellow passengers eyed them with amused apprehension. Then, I proceeded for boarding. I bought three books in the waiting room. I now do not have the strength to open even one of them as I return back. They seem burden some.

That day was my happiest in quite a long time. I had her waiting at the Guwahati Airport exit, accompanied by two more surprises in the boiling pot of happiness. Ambarnil and Jharna came drifting into my view when all I could see was her frowning eyes and beautiful marked teeth. She was beautiful but Jharna and Ambarnil stole the show. We got in and he started driving.

As i write, the air seems to be dark outside. I am descending into Mumbai, where roads run amok like starry rivers from the sky.


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